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BME Design Studio People

Design Studio Management

Tom Benassi

Thomas Benassi, MS
Design Studio Manager
(410) 387-3321
Clark 217A
[email protected]

Elizabeth Logsdon

Elizabeth Logsdon, PhD
Design Studio Director
Senior Lecturer, BME
Clark 208A
[email protected]

Design Studio TAs

Audrey Goo

3D printing, laser cutting, rapid prototyping, CAD (Solidworks & Fusion360), orthopedics

Jordan Harm

Embedded systems, MATLAB, Solidworks, soldering, prototype design

Mary Hoopes

3D printing, polymer and ballistics gel mold making, prototype design, CAD design (Fusion 360 & Solidworks)

Nela Mohan

Machining (shop tools, lathe, and mill), CAD (Creo, Solidworks, Fusion360), rapid prototyping, sensors and actuators, signal processing

Lina Ngao

3D printing, CAD (Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Onshape), signal and image processing, programming (MATLAB, C++)

Arik Slepyan

Biomedical instrumentation, circuit design, microcontroller programming, sensors, hardware

Affiliated Faculty

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