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60th Anniversary Celebration

For more than 60 years, the Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering has been setting the bar for biomedical discovery, education, innovation, and translation. In 1961, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine established one of the nation’s first training programs in biomedical engineering. Over the next decade, biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins continued to grow, becoming a full department by 1970. Our visionary founding fathers recognized the tremendous potential to improve healthcare delivery offered by the application of engineering principles to the practice of medicine. Today, with more than 70 faculty and 1,000 students, Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering is the largest basic science department at the University, housed jointly in the Schools of Medicine and Engineering. Driven by a shared desire to improve human health around the world, our faculty and students are pioneering advances in biomedical data science, translational cell and tissue engineering, imaging and medical devices, neuroengineering, and more. Together, we are developing cutting-edge technologies to understand, predict, diagnose, and treat disease. We are proud of our progress and look forward to Engineering the Future of Medicine¬†for decades to come.

We cordially invite our alumni, students, colleagues, and friends to join us as we celebrate our rich history, our vibrant present, and our ambitious future. The celebration will take place on April 5, 2024 in conjunction with JHU’s Alumni Weekend. Join us for a full day of events, including a research symposium, panels, an open house in the BME Design Studio, and an alumni banquet on the quad.

Michael I. Miller, Bessie Darling Massey Professor and Director of Biomedical Engineering


Remembering the Past, Celebrating the Future

The first and best in biomedical discovery 60+ Years of Collaboration and Progress

The reason this is an impressive place is that there are really very good people in the
department and they work well together. This is not, and never was, a solo virtuoso act. It was building a good department with a good cooperative spirit.
Richard Johns
Founding Director of the Department of Biomedical Engineering

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