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BME Design Studio

Due to the current health situation, we are taking the following precautions that align with university safety guidelines.

The BME Design Studio is open ONLY to approved teams and individuals. The studio is closed to all other undergraduate students. This includes Design Studio East (Clark 218), Design Studio West (Clark 217), the Undergraduate Instructional Lab (Clark 216), and the Cell and Tissue Lab (Clark 114). The Machine Shop (Clark 214) is closed to all students. 

For approved students and teams, BME Design Studio staff will provide prototyping support. Please visit the Design Studio Schedules page for more information on reservations for BME Design Studio space, equipment check-out, and requests for manufacturing. Please direct any questions to Tom Benassi.

The BME Design Studio provides the space and resources for undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical engineering to brainstorm, design, prototype, build, and test solutions to real-world clinical and global health challenges.

Any BME student who has completed the required safety training may request access to the Design Studio. This includes undergraduate students as well as graduate students in BME, the CBID master’s program, and the Engineering for Professionals program.

Safety training MUST be completed before entering the BME Design Studio, and J-card access is required to enter all parts of the facility. BME students will gain access in their first semester as part of the Freshmen Modeling & Design course. Other students may request access through Tom Benassi. Anyone involved in for-profit or non-profit organizations outside of JHU may not use the facility

For availability, please see the Design Studio schedules.

A blue print of the Design Studio shows the layout of the different rooms.

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