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Machine Shop

The Machine Shop, located in room 214, provides students with the tools and equipment they need to design and construct their prototypes. Equipment found here include a drill press, belt sander, notcher, bandsaw, mill, CNC router, and a mill.

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Prior to access, in-class safety training must be completed with Tom Benassi. Following the safety training, you may sign up to train on any of the available equipment. Additional machine shop training can be gained through WSE Manufacturing.

Working alone in the BME machine shop is prohibited.

Learn more about BME machine shop safety.

A blueprint of the Design Studio highlights the Machine Shop.
Design Studio Rules

  1. Closed-toed shoes must be worn in all facilities
  2. No food or drink in Studio East, SBE Lab, or CT Lab
  3. Food and drink are permitted in Studio West at tables where no studio equipment is being used as long as social distancing guidelines are followed
  4. Access is for authorized users only
  5. Leave the space as you found it (tables, chairs and materials should be returned to original locations)

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