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Cell & Tissue Lab

The lab is set up to allow the appropriate use based on approved occupancy as provided in the school re-opening guidelines (posted on the door and indicated in the calendar). A safety monitor may be required during your reservation.


All reservations must be recorded in Skedda and occur during posted hours such that a safety monitor is present (required by COVID re-opening guidelines). You are able to reserve up to one week in advance and cancel up to one hour before the start of your reserved time. Each user/team account is currently capped to four reservations each week.

The Cell and Tissue Lab has four spaces and a plate reader available. Reservations for approved users only.

Reservation Times:

Monday – Friday: 8-10am, 10:30-12:30pm, 1-3pm, 3:30-5:30pm, 6-8pm

Design Studio Rules

  1. Closed-toed shoes must be worn in all facilities
  2. No food or drink in Studio East, SBE Lab, or CT Lab
  3. Food and drink are permitted in Studio West at tables where no studio equipment is being used as long as social distancing guidelines are followed
  4. Access is for authorized users only
  5. Leave the space as you found it (tables, chairs and materials should be returned to original locations)

Safety Guidelines

  • No eating or drinking in the studio space.
  • Students may collect and drop off materials from Design Studio West and Design Studio East without reservation as long as they stay under posted maximum capacity limits.
  • Project consultations (requiring more than five minutes) are available with Tom Benassi only upon email request.
  • No team meetings for hand-off of materials should occur using reservations in Clark Hall. Please use outdoor spaces.
  • Studio space will not be used for any in-person meetings. It is intended for prototyping purposes only.
  • No training will be offered on any Design Studio manufacturing equipment.
  • WSE Manufacturing will not be providing any training on any of their manufacturing equipment. Projects submitted to WSE Manufacturing will be fulfilled upon job request and billed.
  • 3D printing, laser cutting, and machining will be performed by studio staff.

Before you arrive:

  • Reserve your two-hour time slot in Skedda.
  • Perform your health check using the Prodensity app prior to arriving on campus.
  • Make sure that you participate in asymptomatic testing at on-campus testing sites at indicated frequency.

When you arrive:

  • Enter and Exit through indicated doors only! We use swipe access to record occupancy. Do NOT hold the door open for any others to enter the space.
  • Wash your hands upon entering any space.
  • Wear a mask and maintain appropriate distancing. Do not expect warnings – a single infraction can result in loss of privilege.
  • No eating or drinking is permitting during your time in the studio. (Contact Tom for medical exemptions.)
  • Clean the space according to protocols prior to use and before leaving.
  • All tools provided by the studio must be kept there. Clean before and after each use.
  • As much as possible, remain within your reserved space as you work.
  • Tables and chairs cannot be moved or re-organized from current positions. The placements are required for proper distancing.
The Cell & Tissue Engineering lab space was designed specifically for undergraduate instruction in the BME program. Here, students gain hands-on expertise in cell culture and the newest cell-based engineering techniques, many of which are developed in-house by Hopkins BME faculty and students.

The Cell and Tissue Lab, located in room 114, is a facility that supports educational research and design work within the department. This facility is on the first floor of Clark Hall and requires specialized training through Dr. Jessica Dunleavey.

To enter the lab, students must complete the myLearning Bloodborne Pathogens course. Please login with your JHED credentials.

Read the Johns Hopkins University privacy statement here.