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Uncovering Predictors of Neonatal Brain Injury Using Machine Learning

Team Members:
  • Hrishikesh Kambli
  • Samaris Claussell
  • Blanca Inigo
  • Aastha Merja
  • Aditya Khandeshi
  • Yi Yang
  • Khyzer Aziz
  • Abimbola Aina
  • Frances Northington
  • Joseph L Greenstein
  • Casey Overby Taylor


This poster represents the work in Identifying predictors of three patient outcomes of Neonatal Brain Injury using Machine Learning made by team Vermillion under the guidance of Dr. Khyzer Aziz, Dr. Abimbola Aina, and Dr. Frances Northington of the Divisions of Neonatology and Maternal Fetal Medicine of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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