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News Type: MSE Student News

BME student startup receives President’s Venture Fellowship

CurveAssure, a promising startup launched by Johns Hopkins BME students, will receive $100,000 from the university as winners of the inaugural President's Venture Fellowship, support designed to allow fledgling ventures to grow and thrive in Baltimore.

Johns Hopkins graduate student startups shine in Heartland Challenge

Hopkins was the only university with three teams in the semifinals of the competition, which simulates the process of raising venture capital for new technologies.

For student founders with disabilities, entrepreneurship is personal

While many devices designed by biomedical engineers have passed through FastForward U’s doors to treat illnesses and physical disabilities, some founders are approaching supporting disability from a different angle — personal experience.

Inaugural FastForward U Summer Incubator Program Helps Students Live and Breathe Their Startups

Two dozen students took part in FastForward U’s inaugural summer incubator, a six-week pilot program where participants received free housing, mentorship opportunities, and a small stipend to focus on their startup or innovation.

News Brief: Fourteen students received NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Fourteen students from the Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship recognizes graduate...

Three from Hopkins BME join new class of Fulbright grant winners

After the announcement of a record-breaking 48 finalists earlier this spring, Fulbright grants have been awarded to three students and alumni of the Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering in the face of a pandemic and limited availability of placements.

Johns Hopkins team develops new method to make kidney dialysis fluid for patients with COVID-19

A team of researchers and students at Johns Hopkins are working to replenish the diminishing reserve of kidney dialysis fluid to help those with acute kidney injury, including COVID-19 patients who develop the disorder.

BME students showcase prototypes at annual Design Day

More than 30 teams of biomedical engineering undergraduate and graduate students presented the projects and prototypes they’ve been designing all year.

BME students identify global health needs by traveling to clinics in Brazil, China, India, and Uganda

Each summer, our CBID graduate students form teams and travel abroad, working side by side with primary care providers in some of the world’s most underserved communities. Through immersion in the field, they experience firsthand the unique challenges associated with patient care in low-resource environments, allowing them to design solutions that overcome these barriers.

Johns Hopkins team takes second place in national BMEidea competition

A team of five Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineering graduate students earned second place at the national BMEidea competition with their concept for a system that anticipates and reduces the risk of a collapsed lung during lung biopsy surgery.

BME students showcase solutions to health care needs at annual Design Day

During this year’s BME Design Day, 17 teams of biomedical engineering undergraduates and eight teams of CBID master’s students presented their year-long projects to hundreds of engineers, physicians, and industry leaders.

Hopkins BME students take top prizes at annual JHU Business Plan Competition

Three Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering teams won top prizes at the 19th annual Johns Hopkins University Business Plan Competition in a day-long event Friday that capped months of preparation and prototyping.

Students showcase design projects and compete in annual Shark Tank contest

The Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design held its fifth annual Fall Healthcare Innovation Showcase and Shark Tank where students presented their ongoing work to develop innovative solutions to unmet health care needs.

CBID students spend the summer with clinicians around the world

Every summer, students from the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design travel to some of the world’s most underserved communities and work side by side with primary care providers. They assess patient and provider needs, and design the next generation of medical devices.

CBID students travel to Brazil, China, India, and Uganda

Follow our CBID master's students this summer as they travel to remote regions of the globe to study health care delivery in foreign environments.

Learning to Think Like a Clinician and Function Like a Startup

Medical student David Gullotti recently finished his master's degree with CBID. Take a look at his year-long journey that took him from the clinic, to India, to the lab, and back again.

Students showcase prototypes at Design Day

The 2017 Biomedical Engineering Design Day drew hundreds of students, faculty, clinicians, and mentors to the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. Eight master’s student teams and 14 undergraduate student teams represented the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design with projects spanning a range of clinical topics.

JHU CBID team takes second in business plan competition with corneal surgery enhancement

A team of eight Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students took second place in the international Values and Ventures Business Plan Competition at Texas Christian University last week for their novel design to help transport and implant tissue during corneal surgery.

BME students design retractable umbrella for wheelchair users

Two Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering students won the mobility and transportation category at the Abilities Hackathon, an event held for the second year at the Digital Harbor Foundation’s Baltimore location.

Students develop foot-operated game controller

Gyorgy Levay ordinarily doesn't have time to play video games. The Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering master's candidate is too busy working on controls for upper-limb prostheses to find time for running and jumping around the tops of buildings in the parkour game Mirror's Edge. Even if he did, Levay lost both hands to a meningitis infection five years ago, and operating the keyboard for a first-person shooter game is difficult. Over the 2015-16 school year, however, Levay spent considerable time running around a video game's virtual world.

CBID startup awarded $500,000

Glyscend, Inc., a startup company with roots in BME, was selected from nearly 500 proposals to receive $500,000 in grant money from the Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC’s World Without Disease QuickFire Challenge.

Helping a needle on the right path

Deep needle placements to sample cerebrospinal fluid, conduct biopsies, or place lines for anesthesia or drug therapy occur millions of times per year. But about a third of the time, needles may be difficult to place. In addition, the anatomical targets are typically very small and located deep within the body, offering a tiny window for a successful procedure. And the path to the target is fraught with obstacles such as blood vessels, bone, and nerve bundles.

Putting the freeze on breast cancer

In South Africa, the standard breast cancer treatments don't cut it. Here's how Johns Hopkins researchers are engineering a solution.

BME grads develop noninvasive deep brain stimulator to control Parkinson’s symptoms

A promising new in-home treatment for symptoms of advanced Parkinson's disease will more efficiently control the debilitating tremors and muscle stiffness without invasive therapy or even a trip to the doctor's office

Johns Hopkins CBID design team wins global health design competition

The CBID design team competed with 23 undergraduate teams from top universities and captured first place with their improved spirometer, SpiroSense.

CBID students and faculty hike to top of Pulpit Rock in Norway

JHU BME CBID graduate students and faculty hike to the top of Pulpit Rock in Stavanger, Norway during Global Health rotations.

CBID MSE students win 1st Place at the 2011 ASME’s IShow

The CBID MSE student team known as Hemova Medical won first place prize of $10k at the 2011 ASME IShow...

CBID team members appear on CNN segment

Sean Monagle and Mary O’Grady, members of the CBID team that developed the Antenatal Screening Kit pen system, were interviewed...

People’s Choice Award Win at 2011 NCIIA Open Minds Conference

On March 24-26, CBID’s MSE Team presented the Antenatal Screening Kit at the National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)...

CBID Team Wins Track Award @ MIT 100K Competition

On Thursday, February 10th 2011, the CBID MSE team won the Executive Summary Life Sciences Track Award at the MIT...

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