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Undergraduate Program Contacts

Jordan Green, PhD
Undergraduate Program Director
Smith 5017
(410) 614-9113
[email protected]

Eileen Haase, PhD
Associate Director of Undergraduate Program
Clark 104
(301) 570-1276
[email protected]

Cathy Jancuk
Undergraduate Program Manager
Clark 113
(410) 516-5260
[email protected]

Master’s Program Contacts

J. Webster Stayman, PhD
Master’s Program Director
Traylor 605
(410) 955-1314
[email protected]

Sam Bourne
Master’s Program Manager
Clark 113
(410) 516-8482
[email protected]

Juan Huang, PhD
Tsinghua JHU BME Dual Degree Program Administrative Director
Clark 106
(410) 516-4915
[email protected]

PhD Program Contacts

To contact the PhD Program Co-Directors: [email protected]
To contact the PhD Program Staff: [email protected]

Patrick Kanold, PhD
PhD Program Co-Director
Miller Research Building 379
[email protected]

Rachel Karchin, PhD
PhD Program Co-Director
Hackerman 217A
(410) 516-5578
[email protected]

Kay Beard
Senior Academic Program Coordinator
Student Services & Training Fellowships
[email protected]

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