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Team Members:
  • Emily Burnette
  • Sarah Bortel
  • Vicky Chen
  • Nick Gutierrez
  • Jakob Heinz
  • Jae Park
  • Tori Rose
  • Maggie Wang
  • Michael Schubert, PhD
  • Mark Shelhamer, ScD
  • Collin Shale
  • Grace Weyand
  • Kathleen Cullen, PhD
  • Kemar Green, DO
  • Jorge Otero-Millan, PhD


In rural clinics, on the field during sports games, and in the military field after an IED blast, underdiagnosis of mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury) is common. Underdiagnosis can lead to severe long-term injuries like Second Impact Syndrome, where the brain swells rapidly after incurring two mTBIs in a short timeframe, and can also result in unnecessary healthcare costs in the long-term care of secondary symptoms like PTSD. To combat this issue, VestiTech is developing a portable and intuitive device that provides quantifiable data that can be used to screen for an mTBI. Using our clinical mentors’ patented vestibular test, the Vertical Alignment Nulling & Torsional Alignment Nulling (VAN/TAN), in a VR environment, we measure abnormal perception of the relative difference in vertical and torsional alignment between the eyes, a hallmark of mTBI. By measuring these biological properties, we hope to reduce the subjectivity issues of current testing methods and, consequently, the widespread underdiagnosis of mTBI.

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