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Towards a Safe and Simple Method for Artificial Lens Fixation

Team Members:
  • Siavash Parkhideh
  • Max Lu
  • Haroon Ghori
  • Lauren Fang
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Jackelyn Navar
  • Teya Bergamaschi
  • Danielle Vaithilingam
  • Peter L. Gehlbach, MD, PhD
  • Robert Allen, PhD, PE


Every year, 20,000 patients with damaged capsular support undergo a procedure known as artificial lens fixation. However, historical and current methods for lens fixation are problematic for both patients and physicians: the procedure requires risky, challenging maneuvers that compromise intraoperative safety and contribute to postoperative complications (3-12%). Ophthalmologists need a means to perform artificial lens fixation without risky, challenging maneuvers in order to reduce long-term complications (e.g. lens dislocation, uveitis, cystoid macular edema, and iris capture). To date, we have brainstormed and prototyped our top solution concepts, and we plan to perform mechanical, ex-vivo, and animal testing.

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