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The PrestoPatch by BeatSync Technologies

Team Members:
  • Piyush Poddar
  • Aaron Chang
  • Melinda Chen
  • Peter Malamas
  • Sandya Subramanian
  • Joon Eoh
  • Kevin George
  • Rohil Malpani
  • Todd Cohen, MD


The PrestoPatch Integrated Electrode System allays the two major shortcomings of defibrillation and cardioversion: 1) Difficulty in switching the shocking vector between shocks 2) Difficulty in applying standardized external pressure to the patches to reduce transthoracic impedance. With regards to the shock vector, current patches are not meant to be relocated. Removing and re-applying the patches is difficult, time-consuming, and ineffective. Furthermore, applying an entirely new set of electrode patches is inefficient and not cost effective. For external pressure, literature has indicated that exerting firm pressure over the patches decreases transthoracic impedance. To accomplish this right now, clinicians use their fists or towels to press down on the patches. Not only is this method crude, but it also puts clinicians at risk of shocking themselves.

The complete PrestoPatch system solves these problems via three separate components:

  1. The Tri-Patch, a disposable three-patch electrode that allows for a instantaneously switchable shocking vector
  2. The SyncStrap, an elegant, yet disposable, device that reduces transthoracic impedance within 25 seconds
  3. The Sync Adaptor, a universal adaptor that makes the PrestoPatch system compatible with every defibrillator on the market today

This novel patch system will provide the ability to switch shock vectors quickly and with high reliability to offer physicians more versatility during shock therapy. It will also reduce the patient’s transthoracic impedance to more efficiently deliver the shock to the heart.

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