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Team Members:
  • Jon Hochstein
  • Nolan Benner
  • Rohith Bhethanabotla
  • Candice Gard
  • Fernando Vicente
  • Robert Allen, PhD
  • Emma Bigelow, BS
  • Douglas Mogul, MD, PhD
  • Elizabeth Logsdon, PhD
  • John Hickey, PhD


TacPac aims to provide at-home therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressive drug tacrolimus. Given to 90% of the 300,000 transplant-patients in the U.S., tacrolimus is the #1 recommended drug for turning the immune system on “sleep mode”. Its narrow therapeutic range results in unnecessary hospitalizations and retransplantations: subtherapeutic levels ensue organ rejection and supratherapeutic levels are associated with tacrolimus nephrotoxicity, diabetes and various neuropsychiatric problems among other side effects. While clinical laboratories are equipped with multiple tacrolimus detection devices, their infrastructure and workflow does not permit frequent and convenient tracking of the tacrolimus levels. With a strong commitment to better the lives of transplant-patients, TacPac is set to miniaturize and completely automate current diagnostic practices in order to serve our clients with at-home diagnostics, therapeutic monitoring and better medical outcomes.

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