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Sun Jay Yoo

Team Members:
  • Sun Jay Yoo
  • Carl Wu, PhD
  • Amir Manbachi, PhD
  • Sarah Lee


sojourner is a single-molecule tracking analysis software and graphical user interface (GUI) built as a R package. In order to allow users to derive causal relationships from single-molecule kinetics and build mechanistic cellular models from super-resolution fluorescent microscopy, sojourner aims to provide a full suite of analytic tools that turns tracking data into meaningful statistical results.

sojourner can first be used to read and process raw particle output from various localization software into a versatile format that can be further refined, saved, and analyzed. sojourner currently supports the Diatrack, MosaicSuite, and SLIMFAST software. Users are then granted tools such as trimming, filtering, linking, merging, and masking to remove noise and selectively choose target data. All track data can be dynamically visualized individually or as time-stacked videos to qualitatively assess macroscopic cellular dynamics. sojourner also supports a multitude of quantitative statistical tools to analyze single-molecule data effectively and accurately. Calculations such as the mean square displacement and the diffusion coefficient are supported along with other tools such as hidden Markov models, cumulative distribution function fits, normal distribution fits, dwell time, and kernel density. sojourner takes full advantage of high-performance, multi-cluster computing units and optimizes intensive operations for parallel computation for maximum efficiency in both the package and the GUI.

As an integrated software, sojourner aims to unify the many steps in the single-molecule tracking pipeline and provide a simple method for statistical analysis.

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