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Subcutaneous Injection of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Team Members:
  • Truc Nguyen
  • Daniel Adler
  • Catherine Bernstein
  • Alexia Haralambous
  • Jonathan Hunt
  • Thomas Nguyen
  • Antonio Spina
  • Lucia Tellez
  • Mitch Zhao, PhD
  • Janssen Research & Development


In order to facilitate subcutaneous delivery of therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) suspensions, we developed Syr-Q, an injection device. Syr-Q resuspends sedimented mAb particles that would otherwise clog the needle, leading to incomplete drug delivery. Syr-Q features an eccentric rotating mass (ERM), which adequately resuspends sedimented mAb particles by generating vibrations through centripetal acceleration. The ERM is attached to a timing circuit, which resuspends the particles for 15 seconds before shutting off, which allows the patient to safely self-administer the medication. Preliminary testing has shown that our resuspension mechanism is capable of decreasing the injection force from 80 N to less than 25 N, with statistical significance of p < 0.0005. Our proof of concept will allow for the self-administration of mAb therapeutics at home, saving on clinical resources and facilities, and will allow for the delivery of drugs that are currently undeliverable subcutaneously.

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