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Team Members:
  • Tre Crittendon
  • Varun Kedia
  • SJ Burris
  • Matthew Garza
  • Scott Paul, MD
  • Brian Morris
  • Brooke Hayley


More than 1.8 million individuals in the U.S. use walkers to assist with balance, stability, and pain management during walking. However, there is no current way to safely use the support of these walkers when ascending and descending stairs. Instead, walker users who encounter stairs need to rely on another person to provide support and balance, fold their walker up and carry it with them up the stairs, or, where available, use stair or floor lifts. If none of these options is viable, they are forced to altogether avoid areas accessible only by stairs. Our solution will allow walker users to seamlessly transition from walking on flat ground, to ascending or descending a staircase and back to flat ground. Our team has developed a design that allows walker users to easily adjust the height of the legs of the walker, allowing for stability while both ascending and descending stairs of variable height steps.

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