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Prediction of Neurological Trajectories in Non-Neurological ICU Patients

Team Members:
  • Haoyin Xu
  • Alisha Kodibagkar
  • Jacob Desman
  • Munachiso A. Igboko
  • Qianqi Huang
  • Zixuan Wang
  • Robert D Stevens, MD
  • Kirby Gong
  • Indranuj Gangan
  • Raimond L Winslow, PhD
  • Joseph L Greenstein, PhD


Coma is a medical emergency that requires rapid and precise intervention in the intensive care unit (ICU) to improve the chances of patient survival, coma emergence, and neurological recovery. A substantial number of critically ill patients who lack a primary neurological disorder may develop coma. We use machine learning techniques to predict non-neurological coma and recovery from coma using electronic health record data from ICU patients.

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