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OcuRex: Automated Early Glaucoma Screening

Team Members:
  • Vikram Rajan
  • John J. Kim
  • Connor Jacobs
  • Tony Wei
  • Daniel Levenson
  • Edric Tam
  • Ivan Kuznetsov
  • Monica Rex
  • Ravi Gaddipati
  • Michael V. Boland, MD, PhD
  • Xingde Li, PhD


Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss. Astonishingly, up to 80% of afflicted individuals in developing world nations are unaware of their illnesses. To mitigate the impact of glaucoma, we have designed an affordable and accurate glaucoma screening device. Based on the principles of fundus imaging, this device outputs a structural image of the retina that functions as an indicator of the developing pathology of the disease. The novel features of our device are designed to make the learning curve for healthcare workers short. The device’s components are optimized to lower cost while not sacrificing intended screening-grade functionality. Costs and time are further minimized by segmented imaging and analysis hardware.

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