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Neo2Inspire: A Global Health Perspective on NeoNatal Resuscitation

Team Members:
  • Anne Pigula
  • Malvi Hemani
  • Hyun Soo Jang
  • Yong Kim
  • Megan Lamberti
  • Angelica Herrera
  • Barbara Kim
  • Brian Gu
  • Sheena Currie, RM
  • Laerdal Global Health
  • Jhpiego


Roughly one million newborns die every year due to difficulty breathing at birth, but many of these lives could have been saved by proper neonatal resuscitation. We have developed Neo2Inspire, a suite of tools to meet these gaps in resuscitation. First, we have developed a plastic mat which provides support while positioning the infant to achieve an open airway. This mat folds up into a box, which contains the bag-valve-mask resuscitator and other tools. Second, we have incorporated elastic straps to secure the mask onto the infant’s face, ensuring an airtight seal. Finally, we have implemented a heat-producing solution, which utilizes a reusable chemical packet to prevent infant hypothermia. Our solutions are inexpensive, easy to clean, and are supported by extensive end-user and laboratory testing. Neo2Inspire will help health care providers to bring life to every child.

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