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Team Members:
  • Chaunkai Luo
  • Fang Cai
  • Zhen Hu
  • Jaylen Kang
  • Wilson Tang
  • Xuemin Zhu
  • Joshua Vogelstein, PhD
  • Ross Lawrence
  • Alex Loftus


Connectomes are brain mappings that allow us to understand the variability in brain connectivity and brain function. Currently, there is both a lack of standardization in and high barrier of expertise required for generating connectomes from diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging(dMRI) data. To address these issues, the team is continuing development on the M2G package as well as generating an open source collection of connectome datasets using already publicly available dMRI datasets. The tool is designed to be an easy to use, one click solution for a variety of human connectome estimation needs. We hope this tool and these datasets will help researchers push our understanding of the human brain further. The package is open source, free to use, and available on pip-install today.

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