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Kubanda Cryotherapy for Breast Cancer in Low Resource Settings

Team Members:
  • Bailey Surtees
  • Serena Thomas
  • Tara Blair
  • Sean Young
  • Clarisse Hu
  • Susan Harvey, MD
  • Nicholas Durr, PhD


Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women worldwide, and while 5- year survival rates are nearing 90% in the US, they are nearly half that in many low and middle income countries. Our invention is a cryoablation device that will be used to treat cancer in low and middle-income countries. In cryotherapy, cancer cells are frozen and killed by heat exchange between the tumor and cryoprobe which is cooled via the Joule-Thomson Effect. This treatment method is commonly used in the United States for other types of cancer; however, these cryoablation devices generally use argon gas, cost upwards of $2000 per probe, and are not reusable. Our team has developed a cryotherapy tip that is autoclavable, and uses carbon dioxide, a gas readily available in our targeted market, thus making the treatment more affordable and accessible.

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