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Team Members:
  • Sanjay Elangovan
  • Justin Yan
  • Kamran Siddiq
  • Simon Liu
  • Amrita Ladwa
  • Eashwar Mahadevan
  • Roshini Narayanan
  • Adam Kenet
  • Kenneth Ng, DO
  • Amir Manbachi, PhD
  • Jessica Dakkak
  • Tom Benassi
  • James West
  • Tossapol Kerdsirichairat
  • Catiele Antunes
  • Alexandra Strauss
  • Lance Lasner


Colonoscopies are routine, low-risk procedures that are used to screen patients for diseases like colorectal cancer. However, in low cost and low resource settings, they are often times performed without sedation which results in pain and complications for patients. Without sedation, these procedures can be very painful, with one study reporting that more than 20% of patients experienced severe pain. This pain is often the result of a phenomenon called “endoscopic looping,” which occurs when the scope loops within the patient’s bowels and stretches out their intestines. Looping is extremely common, and occurs in up to 90% of procedures. Endosight is a low cost endoscopy visualization device used to decrease patient pain during colonoscopies and time lost due to complications experienced during procedures. The device consists of a piezoelectric rod and external console, giving physicians a real time view of the colonoscope during procedures.

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