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Early Screening Tool for Preterm Labor

Team Members:
  • Austin Jordan
  • Tiffany Chen
  • Amy Kang
  • Marc Madore
  • Lisa Ni
  • Sarah Sukardi
  • Siavash Parkhideh
  • Nisu Patel
  • Edith Gurewitsch, MD


To facilitate effective screening for preterm birth, we have designed an instrument to measure the diameter of the cervix. The instrument is scissor like in form and has a rotary sensor at the hinge using the sensor and the instrument’s inherent geometry, the distance between the two ends of the device can be precisely measured. The design allows for easy bilateral compression of the cervix in order to obtain the resting and minimum diameter of the cervix, the ratio of which has been shown to be indicative of cervical stiffness and preterm birth. The device is made out medical-grade austenitic steel, the standard for similar clinical instruments. The device accommodates a wide range of vaginal canal and cervical diameters. Tests planned include mechanical testing of the prototype (to test strength), accuracy testing, and precision testing (with several model cervixes with known shore hardness).

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