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DrinkSync: Hydration Status Monitor for Chronic Patients

Team Members:
  • Kimber Ashman
  • Brian Ma
  • Krairat Mairin
  • Mihika Reddy
  • Dhananjay Sethi
  • Youseph Yazdi, PhD
  • Paul Segal, DO
  • Chris Jeffers, PhD
  • Steve Brooks, MD
  • Francisco Tejada, PhD


Proper hydration is a problem that is central to everyone’s health. Both overhydration and underhydration have detrimental medical consequences for various demographics. In the U.S. alone, more than half a million people will be hospitalized each year for preventable dehydration. Chronic patients, military personnel, and the elderly in particular need to be vigilant in monitoring their fluid intake. Fluid overload within our target patient population costs the health care system $7.6 billion per year. For military personnel, just a 4 percent decrease in hydration levels is enough to significantly degrade their physical and mental performance. However, there are currently no products on the market that continuously track hydration status.

MarsMedical is developing DrinkSync: a wearable, telemedicine-linked solution for monitoring hydration status. We output this result to the user, and our software will also track performance on your phone or computer, to help you build better habits over time. Users can take this information to see how their hydration levels change throughout the day. We can help you determine whether you’re under, over, or adequately hydrated and fuel your body accordingly. For chronic patients, the device will track the user’s actions and wirelessly communicate that information to central software, which will help doctors tailor treatments to the patient’s habits. With proper hydration, you can improve your cardiovascular function, exercise performance, cognitive function, and even mood.

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