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A Novel Stem Cell Delivery Device

Team Members:
  • Michael Clark
  • Arianne Papa
  • Angelica Herrera
  • Michael Mow
  • Seung Jung
  • Annabeth Rodriguez
  • Jose Solis
  • Prateek Gowda
  • Luis Garza, MD, PhD
  • Sewon Kang, MD


Recent advancements in stem cell therapies have shown the potential to revolutionize the treatment of many conditions. However, there is still a need to consistently and accurately deliver stem cells to target regions in the solid organs of the body—particularly the skin. Skin stem cell therapies currently under investigation have the potential to reverse hair loss, heal wounds, and alter the phenotype of the epidermis. We have designed a device that allows physicians to deliver stem cells to target dermal regions at adjustable volumes with minimal risk of contamination or damage to the cells.

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