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Sheng Zhou, PhD

Zhou Sheng
Research Interests: Neural Engineering and Technology
FIT Building, Room 3-326
Research Interests

Research Interests

Dr. Sheng Zhou and his lab are dedicated to research in a broad field of wireless communications and networks, with emphasis on traffic control and performance analysis, green communications and networks, smart and autonomous cyber-physical systems, vehicular communications, future network infrastructure design, and ultra-low energy wireless transmission for neural implants. Specifically, he currently focuses on:

  • Green wireless communications: The objective is to investigate advanced wireless resource management and network scheduling schemes to optimize the energy efficiency of wireless access networks, and to efficiently utilize the renewable energy harvested from the ambient environment.
  • Mobile edge computing: The objective is to coordinate the wireless and computation resources in order to exploit the edge computing facilities for delay sensitive computation tasks.
  • Vehicular networks: The objective is to design self-organized networking and transmission scheduling schemes for latency guaranteed communications and computing in volatile vehicular environment.
  • Wireless transmissions for neural implants: The objective is to design wireless transmission technologies with ultra-low energy consumption and energy harvesting capabilities for collecting neural signals from multiple neural implants.


PhD, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University (2011)
BE, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University (2005)

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