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Juan Huang, PhD

Associate Research Scientist
Juan Huang
Research Interests

Research Interests

Juan Huang is an Associate Research Scientist of Biomedical Engineering. She was trained in the field of auditory psychophysics and neurophysiology. Her graduate research investigated neural mechanisms of auditory aging and bilateral information processing. Since 2005, Juan has independently led related research projects on pitch perception and vocal pitch production in cochlear implant users, and the neural mechanisms of multisensory integration in temporal frequency processing, music, and speech perception in both normal hearing subjects and cochlear implant users.

Dr. Huang’s current research concentrates on three areas: 1) auditory-tactile integration and the underlying mechanisms; 2) pitch perception and vocal production in cochlear implant users; 3) neural mechanisms of the perception of music, environmental sounds, and speech.



  • PhD, Auditory Psychophysics & Neurophysiology, Peking University, Beijing, China, 2005

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