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Jing Liu, PhD

Liu Jing
Research Interests: Regenerative & Immune Engineering
Medical Sciences Building, Room B203
Research Interests

Research Interests

Among the many serious diseases facing modern society, malignant tumor has been the major one to cause human death. To detect cancer as early as possible and to conduct a highly efficient therapy remains a big challenge so far. Meanwhile, tremendous urgent or chronic diseases also raise huge concern to develop ever powerful health care technologies. The goal of this lab is seeking revolutionary ways to tackle the tough biomedical issues therein by virtue of modern medical system, nano biotechnology and the newly emerging biomaterials like liquid metals. Research interests include but are not limited to:

  • Liquid metal biomaterials
  • Human capacity enhancement
  • Biomedical soft electronics and robots
  • Advanced mobile health care devices and sensors
  • Nano technology mediated tumor therapy/diagnostics
  • Bioheat, mass, and flow transport inside biological system
  • Cryobiology and cryosurgical technique
  • Electrobiology towards tackling disease challenges
  • Biomedical instrumentation and microfluidics
  • Printed electronics, 3D printing for medicine


PhD, Bioengineering, Tsinghua University
BS, Engineering, Tsinghua University
BS, Physics, Tsinghua University

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