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Jie Bao, PhD

Bao Jie
Research Interests: Neural Engineering and Technology
Weiqing Building, Room 906
Research Interests

Research Interests

We develop hypotheses and tools towards the goal of understanding some of the ultimate questions about mankind, along the lines of aging, consciousness, and neural networks. The approach we take is highly interdisciplinary, which derives from a host of areas ranging from materials and chemistry, biology and nanoscience, to novel sensing technologies and artificial intelligence.

For instance, standing on the edge of neuroscience, we propose hypotheses of fundamental working principles of our brain based on the current findings and theories. The (dis)proof of such hypotheses usually relies on the design and development of highly interdisciplinary experiments and research tools, such as the highly miniaturized sensors we have previously developed, which are capable of extracting spectral information from almost everything in the physical world, also known as the quantum dot spectrometer technology.



PhD, Brown University (2010)
BS, Tsinghua University (2006)

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