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Huazhong Yang, PhD

Yang Huazhong
Research Interests: Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation
Rohm Building, Room 4-305
Research Interests

Research Interests

Wireless body area network for wearable devices, mainly focus on modeling, circuit techniques, and chip design of capacitive-coupling body channel communication (CC-BCC). Significant progresses include:

  • A 5-tissue-layer capacitive body channel model based on the physiological characteristics of human tissues, which achieves a maximum error of 2.21%
  • An automatic loss compensation (ALC) system enabling non-contact intrabody communication
  • A Galvanically-coupled BCC receiver fabricated in 0.18um CMOS technology, which can withstand carrier frequency offset up to ±12.5% and keep the bit error rate below 0.1%
  • A tissue-channel power transfer technique for implantable devices, which achieves a doubled power transfer efficiency in smaller implanted devices– 0.39% for a 1mm-sized implant locating 5cm depth inside the tissue

Calibration of wireless sensor network for structural health monitoring

  • A blind drift calibration method by signal space projection and sparse Baysian learning, which can detect and recover the drift of multiple sensors
  • A deep learning approach called projection-recovery network (PRNet) can calibrate 60% sensors under the constraint of 5% calibration error and 80% successful rate


PhD, Circuits & Systems, Tsinghua University (1998)
MS, Circuits & Systems, Tsinghua University (1993)
BS, Microelectronics, Tsinghua University (1989)

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