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Fei Qiao, PhD

Qiao Fei
Research Interests: Neural Engineering and Technology
Rohm Building, Room 4302
Research Interests

Research Interests

iVip Research Group (integrated Vision, intelligent perception)

We are trying to realize artificial perception systems with various electronic technologies, which could be applied to enhance environmental awareness of organism and robots, as well as IOT devices for environment monitoring.

  • Integrated artificial perception systems for robotics, edge computing and wearable computing applications
    • Heterogeneous hardware accelerators on CPU/GPU/FPGA/NCS for learning based streaming processing
    • Artificial visual, hearing and tactile perception systems
  • X computing architectures for energy-efficient integrated signal processing and machine learning systems with novel devices, circuit topologies and methodologies
    • Approximate computing
    • Physical computing
    • Reconfigurable computing


PhD, Tsinghua University (2006)
BS, Lanzhou University (2000)

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