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Bo Hong, PhD

Hong Bo
Research Interests: Neural Engineering & Technology
Medical Sciences Building, Room B204
Research Interests

Research Interests

We may take for granted our ability to speak and listen in daily communication. Surprisingly, we know very little about the brain mechanism of this magic cycle of speech production and perception. Millions of people are suffering from hearing and communication disorder, hoping for innovative treatment and rehabilitation. In my lab, we are searching for the neural code of sound and speech representation in the brain. Collaborating with neurosurgeons, the speech network of human brain and its neural code are investigated by using the neural activity from inside the patients’ brain, also known as intracranial EEG. With high temporal resolution of EEG and high spatial resolution of MRI, a picture of speaking and listening brain is emerging from the massive human brain data. Besides building brain computer interface for disabled patients, the neural circuits and codes that we are finding will surely be a crucial hint of developing a smarter speech recognition system, like Siri on your cell phone.



PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2001)

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