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Adam Mirando, PhD

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Research Interests: Therapeutic peptide discovery and design, cancer, cancer immunotherapy, vascular biology and angiogenesis, treatment of ophthalmic vascular diseases
Research Interests

Research Interests

Dr. Mirando’s research focuses on the study and development of a series of peptides derived from natural sequences within the human proteome with the intention of developing novel therapeutic agents for clinical use. Specifically, these efforts focus on the effects of the peptides on vessel stability and inflammation as well as how these vascular effects impact immune processes with an emphasis on oncological and ophthalmological systems. Techniques include a variety of biophysical and biochemical assays, cellular work, and animal models to assess peptide activity and peptide sequence, and structural software to identify potential mutation sites that could be used to alter the properties of the peptides for increased solubility, stability, and activity.

Titles & Affiliations


  • Research Associate, Biomedical Engineering


  • PhD, Biochemistry, University of Vermont, 2015
  • BS, Biochemistry, University of New Hampshire, 2009

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