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Kavli partners with NSF to host international conference

June 8, 2017

The Johns Hopkins Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute is partnering with the National Science Foundation to host a conference for researchers from universities and organizations across the globe. The topic of this year’s meeting is NeuroStorm: Accelerating Brain Discovery in the Cloud.

This event is scheduled for June 8 and will bring together leaders who are collecting and building tools to analyze the next generation datasets in brain sciences. Participants will collaborate and reflect on ideas during break-out sessions to spark new initiatives and partnerships, and to plan for the next steps towards accelerating brain science discovery in the cloud. Focus areas will include data collection, data wrangling, data exploring, and data modeling.

Kavli NDI is also organizing a hackathon at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts this fall as a follow-up to this meeting. Participants will be invited back to demonstrate the work they accomplish over the next five months, and to collectively build upon those ideas once again.

Composed of neuroscientists, engineers, and data scientists, the Kavli NDI is working to interrogate the inner workings of the brain across the broad spatial and temporal scales in order to understand how neurobiology ultimately reflects the essence of who we are.

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