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First annual BME Undergraduate Research Day

December 14, 2009

Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering held its first annual BME Undergraduate Research Day on November 12, 2009 to showcase and recognize the research done by our undergraduate students. The program featured student posters and selected presentations.

All full-time undergraduate BME students who had done research during the past year while at Johns Hopkins or at an accredited institution during the past summer were invited to submit an abstract and a copy of their poster after approval by their research mentor.

The posters were judged by a committee of faculty. Four were selected for oral presentation. After the presentations, awards were determined by the faculty judges.

First Place: Daniel Peng “Engineering Thermoreversible Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Delivery”

Second Place: Joseph Heng “Hierarchical Processing of Temporal Envelope and Fine Structure Information in Cochlear Implant-Mediated Perception of Musical Timbre”

Third Place: Nicholas Tan “An Empirical Model That Predicts the Effects of PGC-1a and HIF-1a on VEGF Distribution in Skeletal Muscle Tissue”

Honorable Mention: Carolyn Park “The Role of Ventricular Geometry in Arrhythmogenesis Under Brugada Syndrome”

Daniel Peng also received the “Students’ Choice Award,” as voted by the freshman class, for his poster.

The presenters were recognized by certificates presented by Dr. Elliot McVeigh. The top 3 students also received monetary awards that will cover partial expenses to a national scientific research conference.

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