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CBID MSE students win 1st Place at the 2011 ASME’s IShow

June 30, 2011

The CBID MSE student team known as Hemova Medical won first place prize of $10k at the 2011 ASME IShow . Hemova Medical created a device designed to be implanted beneath the skin in a leg, allowing a kidney-failure patient to receive blood-cleansing dialysis treatment with reduced risk of infection, clotting and narrowing of the blood vessels ? the three most common problems linked to existing connection techniques. The prototype has not yet been used in human patients, but testing in animals has begun. In the US alone, 300,000 people require kidney dialysis in order to live. To start dialysis, patients undergo surgery to make a connection to the blood using devices that fail in as little as one year costing Medicare $1 billion/year in new surgeries and high patient morbidity. Hemova Medical is providing a new solution for a long-lasting connection to the blood. Hemova Port will reduce the number of surgeries required to fix or replace failed blood access devices in patients saving Medicare hundreds of millions of dollars per year and reducing dialysis patient morbidity.

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