PhD program overview

The basic philosophy of the BME PhD program is to recruit the very best students in engineering, educate them alongside medical students in the core biological sciences, and then educate them in advanced mathematical and engineering sciences.

Biomedical Engineering (BME) has emerged as one of the most exciting interdisciplinary research fields in modern science. Biomedical engineers apply modern approaches from the experimental life sciences in conjunction with theoretical and computational methods from the disciplines of engineering, mathematics and computer science to the solution of biomedical problems of fundamental importance. The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program of the Johns Hopkins University is designed to train engineers to work at the cutting edge of this exciting discipline.

The cornerstone of the program is our belief in the importance of in-depth training of students in both life sciences and modern engineering, mathematics and computer science and in the conduct of original research leading to the doctoral dissertation.


BME PhD Students Engage in a Teambuilding Retreat at Northbay Adventure Camp October 2016