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MD-PhD Program

The MD-PhD program is more arduous than the PhD program alone, but has marked advantages for students interested in clinical research and applications in hospital systems, and in the delivery of healthcare. Exceptional preparation in biology and chemistry as well as mathematics, engineering, and the physical sciences is essential. Life science graduate requirements are met by the first-year program of the School of Medicine. It takes on average, 7.5-8 years to complete the combined MD-PhD program.

Information and Application

Information about applying to the combined MD-PhD program can be found at the Johns Hopkins Medical Scientist Training Program/MD-PhD Program.

Applications submitted for consideration of the combined degree will be reviewed by the MD-PhD Program Admissions Committee. Each and every application is given a holistic review by the MD-PhD Program Admissions Committee. Any MD-PhD application with an interest in the BME graduate program that is selected for an interview is sent to the BME PhD Program Admissions Committee for review to make sure the candidate is competitive for the BME graduate program. Only after a thorough review and approval by the BME Admissions Committee will the applicant be invited to interview for the MD-PhD program. One of the four interviews for the MD-PhD program will be with a faculty member in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, specifically one who shares the applicant’s research interest.

Important: If the student applying to the combined program is not accepted by the MD-PhD Admissions Committee and then wishes to be considered for the BME PhD program, he/she must submit a written request to have his/her application forwarded to the Biomedical Engineering PhD Program Office for admission consideration.

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