Competitive Win

November 18, 2015

BME design team is awarded $25,000 as winners of the 2015 Retail & Innovation Health Competition

A team of eight Johns Hopkins undergraduate biomedical engineering students were awarded first place and a prize of $25,000 by judges of the 2015 Retail and Health Innovation Challenge held at Wake Forest University School of Business in Winston-Salem, NC.

The BME entrepreneurs — Haley Huang, Tom Catullo, Barbara Kim, Stephen Johannesson, Esteban Urias, Eric Chiang, Anshul Subramanya, and Tony Sun — have created a simple, innovative solution for the problem of puncturing the spinal cord during revision spinal surgery. This specialized surgical device, Separatec, was designed to minimize the risk of leaking spinal fluid in the thin membrane surrounding nerves in the spinal column, especially when scar tissue from previous surgeries is present.

The Separatec surgical instrument tip incorporates key design features that make use of the tool safer for the patient, easy for surgeons to use, and more effective than the current standard of care. It is expected that use of Separatec will decrease the occurrence of cerebrospinal fluid leaks, expedite patient recovery, and decrease surgical expense.

Congratulations to the team and best of luck in their business venture: BHEST Medical LLC. Read the full article.

The Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering applauds the accomplishments of BME undergraduate students.