April 6, 2015

BME senior Margo Heston receives Fulbright Scholarship

BME senior Margo Heston has received the Fulbright Scholarship. Margo is a member of the BME student team who developed Speech Banana, an iPad app designed to provide free auditory training for hearing aid and cochlear implant users. She works under the mentorship of Tilak Ratnanather, Associate Research Professor of Biomedical Engineering and core faculty member of the Institute for Computational Medicine and the Center for Imaging Science.

While abroad, Margo intends to teach English to Polish STEM students at the university level and to broaden interest in the Speech Banana app by developing a Polish version.

Margo’s research interests include medical device design, computational modeling, and cognitive effects of auditory training.

The Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering applauds the accomplishments of BME undergraduate students.