Competitive Win

April 6, 2016

2016 Johns Hopkins Business Plan Competition winners

Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering congratulates the four BME undergraduate teams who placed in the 2016 Johns Hopkins University Business Plan Compettion. We look forward to following your successes.

Undergraduate Medical Technology & Life Science Category

1st place: SureShunt
Reducing Revisions for Shunt Catheters

Team leaders: Gabriela Frid, Ravi Gaddipati
Team members: Priya Arunachalam, Angela Park, Kamran Siddiq, Darius Tolbert

2nd place: Plaqate
Improving Safety of Atherectomy Procedures

Team leader: Caitlin Romanczyk
Team members: Clayton Andrews, Zack Buono, Paige Frank, Ananya Gupta, Josh Punnoose, Quinn Salditch, Scott Sterrett

3rd place: Tremtex
Noninvasive home treatment device for Parkinson’s Disease

Team leader: Amy Sun
Team members: Celine (Punithra) Arpornsuksant, Monique Bailey, Lucy Han, Yu Yuan (Kevin) Huang, Jeesoo Kim, Christopher Sears, Christine Yu

Social Enterprise Category

3rd place: NeoVate
Improving Facility Based Neonatal Vital Signs Monitoring and Risk Identification

Team leader: Kunal Patel
Team members: Domonique Carbajal, Robert Dembinski, Rebecca Glowinski, Shravya Gogula, Jon Hochstein, Jeff Li, Manyu Sharma

The Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering applauds the accomplishments of BME undergraduate students.