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Menus are built using the WordPress Menu editor. You can get to the Menu Editor by clicking on “Appearance” in the WordPress admin menu and selecting “Menu“.

Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select a menu to edit. Add links to menus using the “Add Menu Items” sidebar. This creates a link in the menu that you can reorder or create a hierarchical structure using drag and drop. See the WordPress Menu User Guide for more information.

Menus can be assigned to a “Menu Location”, which are specified in the theme.  Use the “Menu Settings” section at the bottom of the Menus page to assign a menu to a Menu Location. The available Menu Locations are listed below.

Main Navigation

This is the main navigation menu that appears in the site header. As the primary method for navigating the site, it is important to list all navigable pages here in a precise and consistent manner.

This menu supports a hierarchy of up to two levels. The top level hierarchy should consist of categories of pages such as “Academics” or “People” while the second level hierarchy should consist of sub-pages in those categories such as “Prospective Students” or “Faculty”.

The menu hierarchy should match any WordPress page-parent hierarchy, so that page sub-menus are consistent. For example, if you create a “Graduate” page as a child page of the “Academics” page, then this relationship should be reflected in the Main Navigation menu as well.

Institution Links

This menu appears in the header, above the logo.

Masthead Links

This menu appears in the header, above the Main Navigation menu dropdown on desktop screens or in the Navigation menu on mobile screens.

Explore Hopkins BME

These links appear above the footer in each page.

Privacy Links

These links appear at the very bottom of the page in the Copyright / Privacy area and should include the Privacy Policy or other related links.

Footer - Quick Links

This menu appears in the footer section and should link to important pages or landing pages of the site.

Footer - Affiliated Centers & Institutions

This menu appears in the footer that expands upwards when the “Centers & Institutes” button is pressed. These are typically external links to the sites of any affiliated centers.

Read the Johns Hopkins University privacy statement here.