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Footer Settings

The Footer Settings page is used to modify the content in the Footer area of all pages. This page can be accessed by finding “Theme Settings” in the WordPress Admin area and then selecting “Footer Settings” from the resulting drop down or the pop over menu.

Contact Link

This link is displayed underneath the logo in the footer. You can set the button text and link here.

Footer Blocks

There are two “blocks” in the footer that can be set to any text content as desired. Each Block has a Title and a Content area.

Social Media Links

This section allows you to add and edit the social media icons and links that display in the footer. These links also appear in the Social Media Row page component if enabled.

You can add additional icons using the “Add Row” button. You can select from the possible icon options using the “Social Media Icon” dropdown and then set the link using the “Social Media URL” link selector.

Display Affiliated Centers & Institutes

Choose whether to toggle the Affiliated Centers expand located in the footer that displays the Affiliated Centers & Institutes menu.

Footer Sign-Up Info

This text appears underneath the Social Media Icons.

Read the Johns Hopkins University privacy statement here.