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Staff Content Type

The Staff Content type is used to create a directory of Staff profiles.

Use Locations

The Staff Content Type is displayed in the following areas:

Note that the Staff Content Type DOES NOT have Detail Pages.


Staff can be tagged and filtered with the following Taxonomies:

  • Staff Type – Department / Role of the staff member.

Adding New Taxonomy Types

You can add a new taxonomy type by first clicking on Staff and selecting Staff Type

Alternatively, you can quick add a taxonomy using the Staff Type taxonomy box in the righthand sidebar menu on the edit page on any Staff Profiles.

How to Use

Creating and Editing Staff

  1. Click on “Staff” in the left sidebar of the admin page.
  2. To edit an existing Staff profile, click on “All Staff” to see and select the Staff profile you wish to modify.
  3. To add a new Staff profile, click on “Add Staff”. You can also add new staff using the top navigation bar in the top under the “New” button.
  4. Enter information into the fields
    • Display Name: the name that will be displayed on the site (Required)
    • First Name: match this to the display name, used for sorting (Required)
    • Last Name: match this to the display name, used for sorting (Required)
    • Email (Required)
    • Staff Role (Required) – the role or duties the Staff member plays.
    • Office Phone (Required)
    • Cell Phone
    • Location – Office location (Required)
  5. Set the taxonomy
    • In the right sidebar section, you can find boxes to select  the Staff Type.
    • You can also use the boxes to quick add a taxonomy.
  6. Set the profile image for the Staff member in the Profile Image box beneath the taxonomy box.

Read the Johns Hopkins University privacy statement here.