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Faculty Content Type

The Faculty Content Type is used for creating a directory of profiles for faculty members.

Use Locations

The Faculty Content Types are displayed in the following areas:

  • Faculty Archive Page
  • Faculty Detail Pages
  • Faculty Profile Page Component
  • News Detail – lists faculty members that are tagged with the news item.

Faculty can be tagged with the following Taxonomies (Taxonomies marked with an asterick * are filterable on the archive page):

  • Faculty Role – the position that a faculty member fulfills, such as Professor or Research Associate.
  • Research Areas* – an area of research the faculty member is associated with, such as Neuroscience or Systems Biology.
  • Affiliated Center* – a center or institute that the faculty member is associated with. Each Affiliated Center should have a URL that links to the center’s website.
  • Faculty Type* – refers to the role the Faculty member fulfills, such as Teaching or Research.

Note: members of the Tsinghua Faculty do not show up in the archive page unless Tsinghua Faculty is explicitly set as the filter.


Adding New Taxonomy Types

You can add a new category to the existing taxonomies by first clicking on Faculty and selecting the desired taxonomy from the expanded area / flyover menu. On the taxonomy page, you can use the fields on the left to create a new category.

Alternatively, you can quick add a taxonomy using the Taxonomy box in the right hand sidebar menu on the edit page of any Faculty Profiles.

Note: When adding a new Affiliated Center, there is an additional field to set a URL for the center.

How to Use

Creating and Editing Faculty

  1. Click on “Faculty” in the left sidebar of the admin page.
  2. To edit an existing faculty, click on “All Faculty” to see and select the faculty profile you wish to modify.
  3. To add a new faculty, click on “Add Faculty”. You can also add new faculty using the top navigation bar in the top under the “New” button.
  4. Enter information into the fields
    • Display Name: the name that will actually be displayed on the site.
    • Honorific
    • First Name: match this to the display name, used for sorting (Required)
    • Last Name: match this to the display name, used for sorting (Required)
    • Email (Required)
    • Office Phone (Required)
    • Cell Phone
    • Room Location
    • Quote: Quote text. The Faculty name will display underneath this quote.
    • Quote Title: this is text that will display beneath the name under the Quote.
    • Specialty
    • Lab Website: Select URL
    • Publication URL: A link to PubMed or Google Scholar. Click the ‘Add Row’ button to add a new publication URL. Then you can select a link using the ‘Select Link’ button and use the drop down to set the link icon.
    • Education: WYSIWYG Editor, will display as a tab.
    • Research Interests: WYSIWYG Editor, will display as a tab.
    • Media: WYSIWYG Editor, will display as a tab.
    • Publications: WYSIWYG Editor, will display as a tab.
    • Featured News Article: The media tab will pull all news article that are tagged with the faculty member. You can use this section to select a single one of those article to feature. The selected article which feature more largely and prominently. If left empty, the most recent article will display instead.
  5. Tag the Faculty with Taxonomies.
    • In the right sidebar section, you can find boxes to select which Faculty Role, Research Area, Affiliated Center, and Faculty Type to tag the Faculty member with.
    • You can also use these boxes to quick add a taxonomy.
      • Note that Affiliated Centers should have a URL associated with it, which can only be set in the Affiliated Centers Taxonomy page.
  6. Set the profile image for the Faculty in the Profile Image box beneath the Taxonomy boxes.

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