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Events Content Type

The Events Content type is used for posting an event tied to a location and date and time. Events are managed using the Events Manager WordPress plugin.

Use Locations

News Content Types are displayed in the following areas:

  • Events Archive Page
  • Event Detail Pages
  • Event Feed Page Component

Events can be tagged and filtered with the following Taxonomies:

  • Event Categories

Adding New Taxonomy Types

You can add a new taxonomy type by first clicking on Events and selecting Event Categories from the expanded area / flyover menu. You can then add or modify an Event Category with fields to the left.


A Location is a Content Type that is used in a similar manner to a Taxonomy. See the Locations Tab for more information.

How to Use

Creating and Editing Single Occurring Events

  1. Click on “Events” in the left sidebar of the admin page.
  2. To edit an existing news item, click on “Events” to see and select the news item you wish to modify.
  3. To add a new news item, click on “Add Event”. You can also add new news using the top navigation bar in the top under the “New” button.
  4. Enter information into the fields
    • Event Title
    • Event Description – in the WYSIWYG Editor
    • When – in the side bar on the right, there is a When box to set the date and time of the event.
    • Where – Beneath the Yoast SEO Box, there is a box to allow you to set a location. Typing in the location name will search the “Locations” Content Type to see if there is a previously entered location. Otherwise, you can create a location or select the checkbox for “This event does not have a physical location”.
    • Excerpt – Optional summary of the event.
    • Discussion – Permit comments for the event.
    • Author – WordPress User.
  5. In the right sidebar, you can set the Event Category taxonomy in the box.
  6.  Beneath the taxonomy box, you can set the Featured Image for the event.

Creating and Editing Recurring Events

When you need to create an event that repeats periodically, you can create a Recurring Event. The recurring event will repeat itself at intervals that you specify.

  1. Select “Events” from the WordPress Admin sidebar.
  2. Find “Recurring Events”.
  3. Click Add New or select an existing from the list. Alternatively, you can click “Add” from the top bar navigation menu and select Recurring Event.
  4. Enter information into the fields, similar to the single occurrence events. However there is one key difference:
    • There is no more When box. Instead you can find a Recurrences box beneath the WYSIWYG editor.
    • Use the Recurrences box to set the time and date of the event and choose the repeat intervals.

Create and Editing Locations

  1. Select “Events” from the WordPress Admin sidebar and select “Locations” from the expanded area or popover menu.
  2. Select ‘Add New’ or select an existing location. Alternatively, you can use the “New” dropdown from the top navigation bar and select “Location
  3. Enter in information from the fields
    • Location Title: This is used to search for the location when adding a new Event
    • Location Description: Optional
    • Where: Enter in the address tied to the location.
    • Other fields: Optional and currently not in use.

Alternatively, the location can be set when creating a new event if the event location has not been added.

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