Regenerative and Immune Engineering

Regenerative and Immune Engineering holds promise to regrow, repair, and replace diseased cells, organs, and tissues. BME is leading an effort in regenerative and immune engineering that bridges discovery, innovation, and translation through basic sciences, engineering, and clinical endeavors.

Molecular and Cellular Biotechnologies

Biomedical engineers are inventing and fabricating new biological materials to construct novel cellular microenvironments, targeted drug delivery platforms, and biomimetic technologies to engineer cell function ex vivo and in vivo.

Instructive Materials

Scientists are controlling signals that regulate cellular responses from the macro to nanoscale through high-throughput screening platforms, 3-D printing tools, and functional materials design.


Researchers are innovating platforms that modulate innate and adaptive immune response to promote tissue regeneration and wound healing, control drug delivery systems, potentiate the effcacy of vaccines, and enhance cancer treatment.

Computational Systems Modeling

Systems models are synthesizing knowledge of cell and tissue function to provide insights that guide experimental and translational studies across application areas of regenerative engineering.


Biomedical engineers are enabling translation of biological and cellular technologies for the emerging global bioeconomy.

Computational Regenerative Engineering

Researchers are working to understand the dynamic behaviors of cells integrated across multiple length scales from molecules to tissues.

Core Faculty