Data Intensive Biomedical Science

Data Intensive Biomedical Science is developing new methods for analyzing large-scale biomedical data sets to understand how living systems function and to harness this knowledge in order to understand disease mechanisms and provide improved health care at lower costs.

Computational Science

Computational scientists are working at the interface between computer science, mathematics, and biomedical engineering to advance computing technology to address broad questions in personalized medicine.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Researchers are creating high-throughput software for extracting symbolic and ontologic information from massive data sets using machine learning.

Biomedical Data

Biomedical data integrated with high performance computing allows for the analysis of several terabytes of data involved with modern machine learning and artifcial intelligence tools.

Science as a Service

Science as a service is evolving into a viable practice for delivering scientific solutions integrated in software. Several investigators at the Center for Imaging Science and the Institute for Computational Medicine are delivering cloud-based technology solutions.

Biomedical Clouds

Computational Critical Care Medicine and PhysioCloud have become models for critical care units, which are often the most costly units in a hospital with the highest mortality rate. MRICloud provides a high throughput magnetic resonance image analysis technology for integration into radiological workflows.

Core Faculty