Teaching Faculty

Eileen B. Haase, PhD

Associate Teaching Professor

  |   301-570-1276

Instructor: Models for Life, Physiological Foundations Laboratory, Cellular and Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Molecules and Cells

Kwame Kutten

Kwame Kutten, PhD


Clark 305   |   410-516-7786

Image Analysis, Computational Anatomy, Neuroscience

Elizabeth Logsdon, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Clark 208A   |   410-516-5796

Engineering education, design thinking, prototyping, medical device regulation

Shababa Matin, MSE

Junior Lecturer

Clark 216A   |   347-475-8691

Engineering education, design thinking, prototyping

Collin Shale, MSE

Junior Lecturer

Clark 216A  

Engineering education, leadership education, medical device development & commercialization