Research Faculty

Siamak Ardekani, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

Clark 319B   |   410-516-3826

Use computational models to develop image-based biomarkers in neurological and cardiovascular diseases that can be potentially used to perform differential diagnosis, monitor response to therapy, or to develop and validate new therapeutic strategies

Qin Bian

Qin Bian, PhD

Research Associate

MRB 660   |   443-287-0943

Bone and cartilage biology, RNA sequencing and computational analysis

Kenneth Boheler

Kenneth Boheler, PhD

Research Professor

  |   443-474-5529

Pluripotent stem cell biology and their differentiation to cardiovascular lineages, molecular biology, transcriptomics and proteomics, and the applications of immunophenotyped cells for drug re-purposing, biomedical engineering, and disease modeling

Grace Gang, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

Traylor 605   |   410-955-3218

Medical imaging, image quality

Tim Harris, PhD

Research Professor

Traylor 411   |   410-516-8120

Technology for very high channel count recording and stimulation of brain activity in rodents and non-human primates

Xiangying “Ying” Meng, PhD

Research Associate

EMRB 380  

Joseph Monaco, PhD

Research Associate

Traylor 407   |   410-955-3538

Computational neuroscience, spatial cognition, neural codes, synchronization, dynamical systems, network models

Michael Osmanski, PhD

Research Associate

Traylor 410   |   410-502-6019

Niranjan Pandey, PhD

Research Associate


Kunal Parikh, PhD

Research Associate

Smith 6035  

Drug delivery, nanomedicine; medical devices; biodesign; ophthalmology; global health

Tilak Ratnanather, DPhil

Associate Research Professor

Clark 308B   |   410-516-2927

Biomedical imaging, computational anatomy, computational medicine, cochlear implants

Alejandro Sisniega-Crespo, PhD

Research Associate

Traylor 622  

3D image reconstruction, Monte Carlo models, high-speed computing, image processing, diagnostic imaging, image-guided procedures

Stephany Tzeng

Assistant Research Professor

Smith 5039  

Non-viral gene delivery, synthetic microparticles and nanoparticles for drug delivery, immunoengineering for treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease

Ali Uneri, PhD

Research Associate

Carnegie 780  

Image-guided surgery, surgical robotics, image registration, 3D imaging, surgical navigation