Primary Faculty

Soumyadipta Acharya, MD, MSE, PhD


Clark 208A   |   410-516-7074

Global health, instrumentation and medical devices, machine learning, signal processing

Joel Bader, PhD


Clark 201C   |   410-516-7417

Bioinformatics and computational biology

Alexis Battle

Alexis Battle, PhD

Associate Professor

Malone 327   |   410-516-4253

Genomics and machine learning

Michael Beer, PhD

Associate Professor

Miller Research Building 573   |   410-502-3688

Computational regulatory genomics

Patrick Cahan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Miller Research Building 653   |   410-614-7827

Computational and experimental exploration of gene regulatory networks in development, stem cell engineering, tumorigenesis and cancer progression

Vikram S. Chib, PhD

Assistant Professor

Kennedy Krieger Institute G04   |   443-923-2716

Decision-making, neuroeconomics, neural control of movement, functional brain imaging, noninvasive brain stimulation


Kathleen Cullen, PhD


Traylor 501   |   410-955-3132

Multisensory integration for action and perception, neural mechanisms of motor learning, neural prosthesis and rehabilitation, computational neuroscience

Josh Doloff

Joshua C. Doloff, PhD

Assistant Professor

Smith 5027   |   410-614-6479

Immunoengineering, regenerative medicine, biomaterials/biomedical devices, controlled drug delivery, synthetic and systems biology

Nicholas Durr, PhD

Assistant Professor

Clark 208D   |   410-516-6563

Medical imaging, computational biophotonics, endoscopy, and medical device design

Jennifer H. Elisseeff, PhD

Morton Goldberg Professor

Smith 5035   |   410-614-6837

Biomaterials, hydrogels, tissue engineering, and cartilage regeneration

Andrew P. Feinberg, MD, MPH

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Rangos 570   |   410-614-9489

Epigenetics of development and disease; stochasticity in development and cancer

Harry Goldberg, PhD

Associate Professor

Clark 118A   |   410-955-2359

Designing and incorporating educational technology into the curricula

Warren L. Grayson, PhD

Associate Professor

Smith 5023   |   410-502-6306

Tissue engineering, stem cells, bioreactors, biomaterials, orthopaedics

Jordan J. Green, PhD


Smith 5017   |   410-614-9113

Cellular engineering and nanobiotechnology, biomaterials, controlled drug delivery, and gene therapy

Taekjip Ha, PhD

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Wood Basic Science 620   |   410-614-4039

High resolution single molecule and single cell analysis technologies

Daniel Herzka, PhD

Assistant Professor

Ross 726   |   410-614-2528

Development of MR imaging of atherosclerotic lesions in the vasculature wall, coronary artery and vein MR imaging, MR-guided catheter-based optical imaging, liver elastography, and aortic and carotid calcification imaging

Richard Johns, MD

Professor Emeritus


Reza Kalhor, PhD

Assistant Professor

Rangos 570  

Synthetic biology, molecular recording, genome engineering, developmental biology

Rachel Karchin, PhD


Hackerman 217A   |   410-516-5578

Computational molecular biology, bioinformatics, genetic variation

Scot C. Kuo, PhD

Associate Professor

Wood Basic Science G10   |   410-955-4536

Mechanism of biological force generation, laser-induced optical forces

Xingde Li, PhD


Traylor 710   |   410-955-0075

Medical imaging and biophotonics

Feilim Mac Gabhann, PhD

Associate Professor

Hackerman 316A   |   410-516-4723

Computational modeling of growth factor-receptor networks, personalized medicine, therapeutic cardiovascular remodeling, novel methods for data visualization and automated image analysis

Michael Miller

Michael I. Miller, PhD

Bessie Darling Massey Professor and Director

Wyman 400W   |   Assistant: 410-516-2039

Data science, computational neuroscience, medical imaging, computational anatomy, pattern theory

Mihaela Pertea, PhD

Associate Professor

Welch Medical Library 109   |   443-287-0972

Gene finding and annotation, alternative splicing, transcriptome assembly from RNA-sequencing data

Aleksander S. Popel, PhD


Traylor 611   |   410-955-6419

Systems biology, computational medicine and biology, angiogenesis, cancer, immuno-oncology, peripheral arterial disease

Murray B. Sachs, PhD

Professor Emeritus


Neurophysiology, auditory neurophysiology, psychophysics

Steven L. Salzberg, PhD

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Welch Medical Library 107 | Malone 325   |   410-614-6112

Bioinformatics and computational biology

Sridevi V. Sarma, PhD

Associate Professor

Hackerman 315   |   410-516-4381

Computational neuroscience, estimation and control theory, applications to disorders of the central nervous system and brain machine interfaces

Lawrence P. Schramm, PhD

Professor Emeritus


Spinal cord regeneration, cardiovascular regulation after spinal cord injury, autonomic control systems

Reza Shadmehr, PhD


Traylor 410   |   410-614-2458

Mechanisms of movement control in humans, learning control of the arm, brain imaging, robotics and adaptive control, computational neuroscience

Artin A. Shoukas, PhD

Professor Emeritus


Overall systems analysis of circulatory systems, systems physiology

Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen, PhD

John C. Malone Professor

Traylor 622   |   443-287-6269

Medical imaging, image-guided surgery, interventional radiology, radiation therapy, 3D imaging, spectral imaging, CT, cone-beam CT, imaging physics, image quality, image registration

Jamie Spangler, PhD

Assistant Professor

Smith 5011   |   443-287-1708

Structural and molecular immunology, protein engineering, therapeutic antibody discovery and design, targeted drug development

J. Webster Stayman, PhD

Associate Professor

Traylor 605   |   410-955-1314

Medical imaging, device design and optimization, adaptive imaging, task-based acquisition, reconstruction, and estimation theory

Jeremias Sulam

Jeremias Sulam, PhD

Assistant Professor

Clark 320B  

Inverse problems in computer vision and signal processing, dictionary learning, machine learning and deep learning and their application to biomedical problems

Nitish V. Thakor, PhD


Traylor 701   |   410-955-7093

Medical instrumentation, neuroengineering, neural signal processing and clinical instrumentation, micro/nano scale sensors, devices and systems

Winston Timp, PhD

Assistant Professor

Clark 118A   |   410-417-8467

Development and application of sequencing technologies to explore biology and diagnose disease

Natalia Trayanova, PhD

Murray B. Sachs Professor

Hackerman 216   |   410-516-4375

Computational cardiaciology, arrhythmias in the diseased heart and anti-arrhythmia therapies, reconstruction of heart geometry and structure from MRI

Leslie Tung Professor and Interim Director of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University Faculty and students of the Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Enginerring have been breaking new ground in biomedical research for over 50 years and we strive to continue this history of innovation and discovery every day. More than 480 undergraduates and over 238 graduate students are enrolled in the Hopkins BME program, preparing themselves for careers in medicine, basic science, and industry. Each year a new class of 120 students from a stellar candidate pool, accept our offer of admission. The academic level of the program is extremely challenging — giving the best and brightest students an opportunity to obtain the most comprehensive training in

Leslie Tung, PhD


Traylor 703   |   410-955-7453

Electrophysiology and arrhythmia of cardiac cell networks, cardiac mechanoelectric transduction, stem cell-derived heart cells, defibrillation

Rene Vidal, PhD

Herschel L. Seder Professor

Clark 302B   |   410-516-7306

Biomedical image analysis, computer vision, machine learning, medical robotics, signal processing

Joshua T. Vogelstein, PhD

Assistant Professor

Clark 317C   |   410-516-8775

Big data science, especially statistical and computational connectomics

Xiaoqin Wang, PhD


Traylor 410   |   410-614-4547

Neurophysiology of the auditory cortex, neural mechanisms of speech perception and learning, computational neuroscience

Raimond L. Winslow, PhD

Raj and Neera Singh Professor

Hackerman 208   |   410-516-4116

Statistical modeling and analysis of cardiovascular gene and protein expression data, and computational modeling of signal transduction, mitochondrial energetics, ion channel function, and intracellular calcium dynamics in cardiac myocytes and vascular endothelial cells

Kevin J. Yarema, PhD

Associate Professor

Smith 5029   |   410-614-6835

Biotechnology and clinical aspects of carbohydrate engineering

Youseph Yazdi, PhD

Assistant Professor

Clark 208   |   410-516-2018

Innovation and design of healthcare solutions

Eric D. Young, PhD

Professor Emeritus


Auditory neurophysiology, neural modeling, sensory processes

Wojciech B. Zbijewski, PhD

Assistant Professor

Traylor 622   |   410-955-1305

Medical imaging, modeling and evaluation of imaging systems, CT algorithms, quantitative CT and cone-beam CT, imaging biomarkers of bone and joint health, musculoskeletal radiology

Kechen Zhang, PhD

Associate Professor

Traylor 407   |   410-955-3538

Theoretical and computational neuroscience, neural computation